KDE4 and Music Streams…

When running the KDE (version 4) windowing system, I've been looking for a nice plasmoid widget that does one thing very well: play music streams while being compact and very easy to use. I have found one: SimpleStream. SimpleStream is v0.2 and it is either a play or stop icon. It is best to place it in the Task Manager bar. Right-clicking allows one to choose a stream or enter the configuration dialog to add/remove streams. The only issue I had when I installed it was that I had to install the


was installed.

SimpleStream is just perfect when one wishes to listen to a music stream and does not want to control anything other than stopping/starting the stream. This is ideal for SqueezeBox server server software (which can stream audio to computers as well as the SqueezeBox hardware Logitech sells) as well as Internet streams.

Frankly, when one wants more than SimpleStream in KDE, one can simply stop the stream from playing and run Amarok or some other music playing program. Also, Amarok and other programs consume more resources and can be screen-space bulky.

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